Kitchen Dreaming

It’s hard to believe that January is almost over — especially since we are planning on moving into our little house this summer, and um, that is feeling not so far away! While there are some big, not so pretty, things that need to be done (insulation, new windows, new heating system) I can’t stop thinking about the fun part — finishes, especially in the kitchen.

We completely gutted the old kitchen and dining room and are building it from the ground up. As I wrote about earlier, the cabinets are in and they are beyond gorgeous. We have decided to stick with white appliances and are currently hunting for the perfect vintage camp/apartment sized stove. Fingers crossed we find something suitable before summer!

Now that appliances have been decided, I’ve been obsessing over lighting and back splash. Here are some spaces that have been inspiring me lately.

Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 2.09.07 PM.png
Annabode + Co.
The “Oyster Catcher”

For tile, I am really leaning away from the omnipresent, traditional subway tile. Partly because it’s everywhere and I feel like it might suddenly look outdated, partly because I’m not sure if it totally suits the style of the house. Below are some of my current favorites.

Top left, I like the mosaic look of this mini subway tile. It feels like a great alternative to penny rounds which I was initially leaning towards, and a cool twist on the standard sized subway tiles. Top right, taking square out of the bathroom and putting it in the kitchen feels modern & simple. Bottom left, again, I like the twist on traditional with these vertically stacked subway tiles. They also have a slight texture which gives it dimension and warmth. And bottom right, this pattern from Fireclay is just beautiful, and I think they would elevate the space.

But then again, I see this gorgeous kitchen and think, should we just do paneling? That’s actually what was on the walls, covering up old wallpaper and plaster, before we tore everything out. (I’m a Libra, guys, bear with me…)

via Remodalista
Kitchen before demo

For lighting, we need pendants for over the sink and the dining room table, and then spotlights for over the counter top. Below are some of my current favorites.

I love both of these vintage shades for the pendants (top left and bottom right) and hope we can find one that can add a pop of color to the mostly white kitchen I’m imagining. I’m also leaning towards something other than standard recessed lighting for over the counter tops. The top right and bottom left (plus an impeccably designed AirBnB I recently stayed in, seen below) have got me wondering, “how about some simple exposed bulbs?” See them in the top left of the photo below?


Schoolhouse Electric (left) and Rejuvenation (center) carry fixtures that I think would look nice, but I also really love the idea of going super simple with a $1.37 outlet box from Home Depot (shown at right below, and also in the image above.)

Not only because they are literally 99% cheaper (!!!) but I also want to keep our house down to earth. Generations of resourceful, hard working, boat builders, telephone operators, and nurses lived in this house. They grew & slaughtered their own food, they hemmed their clothes, and they mended before replacing. I want the house to fit our style, but also stick to its roots.

We’ll be up in Maine this weekend and we’re excited to spend most of the time measuring and planning rather than plugging away on big projects. I’m excited to show you what we’ll cook up for the second floor — it’s a big beautiful clean slate.



Until next time!



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