Stainless or White?

In anticipation of Black Friday we have been researching appliances — we need a small 24″ gas range and a new fridge. But I’m feeling stumped on if we should get stainless steel or white appliances?

This is the current shell of our kitchen:


White shaker cabinets that will be topped with butcher block countertops and a large vintage cast iron sink. Our pulls are oil rubbed bronze that are on the edge of looking black. The range will go to the left of these cabinets and the fridge will be across from this space as seen below.


I always thought we’d do white (we got this fridge for free, but it’s a little nasty so we’re going to upgrade), but upon doing some research I realized how hard it is to find a nice, affordable white range hood. So then I started Pinning some kitchen inspiration of stainless steel with white cabinets and came upon these inspiration shots.

Karen Swanson via Elements of Style
Philly Loft via Curbed
via House Beautiful.

But here are my white kitchen inspirations:

Nesting With Grace
Miss Mustard Seed


Right now I think I am leaning towards these two guys:

Which would you do? What have you done? Do you like it or do you regret it? Help me from going crazy trying to make this decision…


7 thoughts on “Stainless or White?

  1. I like stainless appliances with white cabinets just fine, and my parents did both in white and 12 years later the whites don’t match anymore, particularly since they had to replace the dishwasher already. I like the GE artistry appliances a lot since the handles are stainless (and white plastic is particularly prone to yellowing) but they don’t make a stove that would fit in your kitchen… or a fridge that would fit through my front door.

    This isn’t what you asked but I really wanted an old gas range. I see one that might be the right size for you but it’s in Lancaster, PA


  2. I personally would not use the white appliances. When looking at your pins, the white appliances
    to me just do not give it that flare, they just blend into the white walls, gives more of an out dated look. I like the stainless appliances that you are going with so much better. It also to me gives you
    more texture and adding more color. My husband and I are restoring an older home dated
    about 1902 and it is very tiresome but rewarding at the same time. There are always things that pop
    up unexpected in doing these old homes but you will make it through it. Always remember how
    proud your great great’s would be with what you are trying to accomplish and before you know
    you will be cooking in your wonderful kitchen. Many blessings in your endeavor.


  3. Just wrote a comment and then lost it, so sorry if it shows up twice.

    I’m going to make the case for white appliances. We renovated our 1831 house in Vermont, and went with white, which has a more vintage look. You are renovating an historic property, not a loft conversion in the city. Stainless is not a country look. It has more of an urban, industrial vibe. We were also told that stainless appliances have peaked and will soon look dated. White looks dated, but in a cooler, retro way. Just something to think about. Your place looks great! Good luck!


  4. I think you should do jadeite green or sunshine yellow. Keep in mind that you can paint appliances. I don’t like stainless because they show fingerprints and I find them harder to clean. Also, they are everywhere. If you do something that looks like it’s vintage it will fit in better with Your house and can look like it was there for 60 or 80 years, not brand spanking new done like every other kitchen in ’17.


  5. I stumbled onto your blog from Block Brothers. I saw these on Craigslist and thought it might be just the ticket for now. You can always upgrade later. or

    Don’t know your whole story, but wanted to ask if you’d considered a separate cooktop and wall oven? With such a set-up you could have a larger oven. Also, for the fridge, look for Liehber or Blomburg fridges. Euro fridges are efficient and smaller than typical us fridges.
    Gorgeous home and wonderful renovation! Best of luck to you!!


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